Consign, Sell, Trade with Us!

Is your closet about to explode from overload? Are there items that you're no longer wearing or have never even worn? It's time for a closet trade out!

At our Bradenton location, Fashion Trade Bo-Tique allows you to bring in those clothing items you are no longer interested in and trade them out for your newest styles.
An appointment is necessary for over 10 items, please!  Just call the store to schedule. Clothing, purses, shoes and accessories may be brought in at anytime to be examined by a store buyer. While you check out the latest styles in the store, a buyer will select and make an offer on items that we would like to purchase based on style, condition and the store's current inventory. 
Sometimes there will be items not suited for our boutique. Please understand that our customer preferences must be our selection guidelines. We ask that all items brought in are neatly folded in a shopping bag and freshly cleaned or laundered and damage free. If there are any signs of any stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, odors, underarm soils,  etc. we will not be able to accept the item into our boutique!